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Tech tutorials: how to install SDR# Audio Waterfall plugin

The above image is part of a screenshot showing an "Audio Waterfall" in SDR#. It is essentially an audio spectrum analyzer. The SDR# software is available for download at as a zip file which may be extracted anywhere (e.g. C:\sdrsharp-x86)

In order to add the "Audio Waterfall" feature to SDR# download the

SDRSharp.AudioWaterfall.dll file and copy it to the installation location of SDR# (e.g. C:\sdrsharp-x86). Then in the SDR# folder edit the Plugins.xml file to include the following line:

<add key="Audio Waterfall" value="SDRSharp.AudioWaterfall.AudioWaterfallPlugin,SDRSharp.AudioWaterfall" />

The plugin works with the latest version of SDR# rev 1488!

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